Hello! My name is Luan Nico, and this is my landing page. Please check my Github Profile for more up-to-date information.


I'm a Software Craftsman who loves Open Source and the community, currently in love with Dart/Flutter.

I have worked for more than 6 years professionally and for more years that I can remember as a hobby with a plethora of languages, platforms, and libraries. I like to solve people's problems with technology, and I believe there is always a good solution to every problem and a good problem for every solution; for that reason, I like most programming languages that I have come in contact, and I'm always thrilled to learn something new.

I also love Physics, and I wanted to learn more about how the Universe works since I was a kid. That's why I took Physics as a graduation course, and my love is divided between Physics and Development.

I truly believe in Open Source and I try to make, if possible, everything I do open (libre) and free.

Find me

Feel free to contact me using this.

If you want to talk about specific projects, other option is to use Github's Issue Manager.

You can find me at the following places:


Fireslime Games

Fireslime is a two people indie team located on the Brazilian state of São Paulo working their way into the gamedev.

I'm a proud member, and alongside Erick we want to create cool games that make people have fun and think about deep topics. This is the very beginning of our journey together.

Here are some links:

We also help to develop and maintain the flame project, our favorite game engine.


If you'd like to buy me a cup of coffee (I love coffee!), feel free to use the options bellow.

Don't feel compelled in any way, though! Everything I make is free to use, MIT, open source and libre.

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